Want to feel comfortable in your body?

Try Pilates!

Pilates is super trendy right now. You’ve probably been seeing it on social media and even on SNL with Kristin Wig as the maniacally scary Pilates Instructor. This is great for the Pilates industry and great for you too! Why, is it great for you, you ask? Because when Pilates is in high demand, more Pilates studios pop up, and that means more opportunities to take class and find the right studio/instructor for you.

But why is Pilates so great, you may also ask? Well, as a seasoned Pilates instructor and longtime student of the Pilates method, I can tell you from experience that Pilates changes peoples lives. It gets you from being a stranger to your body, to getting to know it intimately. It gives you a conscious connection with your breath and your day to day movements which in turn allows you to move with a feeling of joy and ease. You will learn movement tools which will keep your body lasting long into old age. And if you’re just starting in old age, you will find movement possibilities you didn’t even know you had.

Like I said…Life changing!

Clients I work with often tell me about little epiphanies they have while doing Pilates. Sometimes the epiphanies happen after they leave the studio and are home washing the dishes or walking their dog, but those little “ah ha!” moments are the times when my job feels like the best job in the world.

Sometimes the epiphanies are simple, like “I finally figured out that if I exhale while swinging my golf club, I get a lot more power behind my swing.” And sometimes, they are life changing like, “I finally can touch my toes and put on my shoes again!”

Pilates is not for everyone*…but it is for anyone that wants to feel more comfortable in their bodies!

*Always ask your doctor before starting a new exercise program.