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What can Pilates Do For You?

Pilates will help you find joy in movement and in your daily life. The work we do helps loosen stiff muscles, lengthen and strengthen the whole body evenly, and bring about a sense of ease and fluidity to the rest of your life. A regular Pilates practice can compliment any other movement you do. The Pilates fundamentals can be applied to golf, skiing, dance, yoga, martial arts, weightlifting and more. It even changes how you walk, breathe and move through your regular routines. Joseph Pilates designed his method to help our bodies “Return to Life” and that is exactly what it can do for you!

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Why take Pilates from me?

My goal for you is to maximize your bodies ability to move comfortably through life, and to do the things you love to do with ease. I have over ten years of experience teaching Pilates to all sorts of different bodies and I continue to find every body full of unique potential.

I love to work with clients to help them figure out their body’s potential with me as their guide.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

My Quarantine

Amy’s Pilates classes have been my quarantine cure! Both invigorating and relaxing, strengthening and stretching, they help me stay nimble and strong and feel connected to a community.

Sabine K. – 10/9/2020

A Lifesaver

I’ve been taking classes with Amy for over 8 years in person and during 2020 having the continuity of her classes and community come into my home has been a lifesaver both physically and mentally.

Charlotte E. – 9/15/2020

Floating on Clouds

I really look forward to your classes. Stretching out and building core strength without suffering really makes me feel like I’m floating on clouds for the rest of the week.

Ellen L. – 9/15/2020

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